OMW Secures Defense Verdict for a Urologist in a Medical Malpractice Jury Trial

April 11, 2017

Michael E. O’Neill and Kelly K. McFadden successfully defended a Urologist in a jury trial in Marion County Superior Court, Indianapolis, Indiana. The Plaintiff alleged that the defendant Urologist negligently took a patient to surgery for a stent placement after presenting to the Emergency Room with flu like symptoms, resulting in the death of the patient.  At the trial, the defense brought an anesthesiologist member of the Medical Review Panel, and independent experts in the field of Anesthesiology, Infectious Disease, and Urology.  All testified that the decision to take the patient to surgery was appropriate and within the standard of care.  Furthermore, the experts testified that that the patient’s death was unforeseeable.  The jury heard seven days of evidence between April 17, 2017 and April 25, 2017 and then returned a verdict in favor of the Defendant Urologist. For more information, contact Mr. O’Neill or Ms. McFadden at (219) 322-0450 or by email at [email protected] or [email protected].